All we need is love…..

- unknown


Married? Me? Never! Oh, wait; will there be food on demand involved?

People seem to get married for many reasons and occasionally for no reason at all.  The latter probably leads to divorce sooner than the first.  Bananas are no different.  Recently Doo Funny and I had an interesting conversation about what we would require to get married.  Our list is probably somewhat biased, as we both have been married one and divorced twice.   Naturally, I proclaimed that I wouldn’t get married for love, after all, I have never been able to accurately define true love, I guess I wouldn’t recognize it if it was sewn into the crotch of my panties.  Needless to say, Doo Funny disagrees (he hasn’t learned anything yet).  I explained that I would marry for companionship.  Just knowing that I have a guaranteed invitation to having my nerves plucked on a regular basis is somewhat comforting.  Doo Funny agreed with this point and then somehow he interjected the idea of a new Mustang in the driveway?  Really, Doo Funny?  Marriage and new Mustang do not even live on the same block.  As our debate continued on down separate paths, I began to wonder, what the circumstances would be necessary for me to consider such a life altering move?  If not for love, then why would one get married?  Would I marry to advance my career or because we had similar backgrounds, baggage (or the lack thereof), for medical reasons, cooking (if he could cook), and/or, everyone’s favorite reason to marry, because, the sex was colossal?

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When Mr. Doo Funny Moved!

I do not like moving because I have to do it all too frequently. Moving is an art and a science and I have mastered both. Almost everything I own is portable, folding, or just miniature enough to carry. I must admit that my new TV does not exactly fit the criteria for frequent moving but oh well, there is always a sacrifice.

Now came time for Mr. Doo Funny Banana to move. True, he is a new fish to moving, nonetheless, I am happy for him. With delight, I immediately started a care package of miscellaneous items to help him get through those first days of “I forgot this or that.” Little did I realize that Mr. Doo Funny is attached to two rather large items that he intends to use as living room decorations. Ah, Mr. Doo funny has two extra layers of peel that I had not previously noted. One is his motorcycle and the other is a huge tool chest. No doubt, these peels will be the focus of coffee table conversations for years to come. I wonder, where will he put the tree next Christmas? Mr. Doo Funny Banana is a banana that only another banana could love.