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A Blog By Any Other Name


How important is a blog’s name?  It could make all the difference between attracting potential followers and being passed by with nothing more than a click and a yawn.  Our Banana Moments follows several hundred different blogs and each was initially chosen based on their intriguing names.  Of course, a striking name is only the beginning.  While a riveting name may lure potential followers, equally compelling content will keep them coming back.  Here are 15 blogs we follow with provocative monikers and content to match.  Which blogs with catchy names do you follow?


                           Bad Ass Chicks That Bite

                           Just add whine…..

                           Christians… Criminals … and Chickens

                           Cluster Love

                           Flipside: Sanity is Overrated


                           maple bacon and beavertails

                           Moose tracks and Tater stacks

                           Older Mommy, Still Yummy

                           Moderate to Severe

                           The Redhead Riter – Witty, Intelligent & Addictive

                           Sober Julie Doing Life

                           Peace Love & Poop

                           The New Sexy!

                           BlackBerry Mama

Moms, Taking Blogging by Storm!


By far SAHM (Stay At Home Moms) have taken the blogging community by storm. According to Williamson (2010), the number of moms who blog is 32 million in the US alone. It is speculated that daily, more new blogs are created by aspiring moms than any other specialty group. It would appear that SAHM bloggers have plenty of support for their fledgling blogs via social networking sites such as Bloggy Moms, The Blog Frog, SocialMoms, The MomBlogs, and Moms Buzz. With so many moms blogging what is the best way to insure unique content?

Written by Mom

Pregnancy is a common starting point for enterprising mommy bloggers. Blogs written by first time child-bearers chronicling the woes of pregnancy that mature into blogs covering the joys of parenting abound. From there, where does the new mom go for fresh content? After all, there are only so many first time mom stories of interest to go around.

 Moms, especially stay at home mommas, can turn to their hobbies for blog content. A clever crafting mom can potentially earn money by selling her wares VIA Etsy, a site devoted to buying and selling vintage and handmade items. Bloggers share crafting ideas and projects while connecting with other crafters and would-be crafting moms. The same can be said for culinary geniuses who rule kitchens. Moms who share recipe flops and successes add interesting content while mentoring the rest of us who may not be as familiar with various kitchen appliances and gadgets.


Many blogging moms are turning to give-a-ways to build a successful blog. A word of caution for the give-a-way moms, focusing totally on give-a-ways without any other content may deter faithful followers. It is difficult to write an interesting and informative post built solely around give-a-way items. Give-a-way bloggers can strengthen their content by writing product reviews for many of the items they are giving-a-way.

Momma’s Mad Money

When it comes to making money with a blog, ambitious blogging matriarchs will need to monetize and it is best done with a strategy. Whether using affiliate marketing or Google Ad Sense, mom bloggers seeking to earn money need to develop goals along with a strategy. For instance, if a mom blogger plans to earn say $2000 per month VIA her blog, she will need to hone her content by understanding her readers and then select the monetization vehicle that best matches her blog. Amazon affiliate marketing is a great tool and may actually be the best tool for moms who write product reviews and host give-a-ways on their blogs. Google Ad Sense works for any blog. Google ads are placed on blogs and bloggers generally earn money based on several different factors such as click rates and click through.

Networking Chica

Unfortunately, blogging does not operate on the “build it and they will come” principal. The successful mom blogger will spend a considerable amount of time networking to build a following. The best way to achieve new followers is to visit other mom blogs, read some posts and leave comments. This will almost guarantee a new follower. This method of networking also helps mom bloggers to support each other, share tips, and other information related to blog growing.

What Are You Waiting For?

Moms and dads reading this, try your hand at blogging today. Blogging is a fun, creative and potentially lucrative way to share your knowledge, life experiences and to network with others. Follow the lead of the many mommy bloggers already filling the internet with their talents, hopes, dreams, and the often-hilarious ups and downs of raising a family while making money. Start writing today!



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Monkey Breath

Monkey Breath


Are your friends missing eyebrows?  Do your friends wear masks when talking to you?  Are your friends and family avoiding talking to you up close or even in person?  Does your significant other retreat rather than kiss you?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might just have a bad case of Monkey Breath! 


What causes monkey breath?


Monkey breath commonly known as bad bread is actually halitosis.  Halitosis may be caused by many things. The most common cause is from not brushing and flossing your teeth daily. If you don’t practice good oral hygiene after eating, food is left in your mouth. The food collects bacteria, rots, and causes a bad odor.  Monkey breath can also be caused by eating foods such as garlic or onions. When these foods are digested and absorbed into the bloodstream, substances from the foods get into the air that you breathe out of your lungs. This can cause bad breath until all of the food is gone from your body. Other causes of bad breath are:



Tooth decay and gum disease caused by plaque (Plaque is a sticky material made of mucus and saliva, food particles, and bacteria.)


Using tobacco products


Dry mouth from medicines you are taking, salivary gland problems, or always breathing through your mouth (This means you have less saliva to cleanse the mouth.)


Eating infrequently


Infection with the bacteria that can cause ulcers (H. pylori)


Mouth infections


Other infections such as a cold, sinusitis, bronchitis, and tonsillitis


Other medical problems such as diabetes, liver or kidney disease, or gastrointestinal problems


How do I know if I have monkey breath?


A quick way to check your breath is to lick the side of your finger, then let the saliva dry for a minute or so. Smell the spot and you’ll know what your breath smells like.


How is monkey breath (halitosis) diagnosed?


If you are concerned about bad breath, talk to your dentist about it. The dentist will examine your mouth, looking for tooth decay, pockets of plaque, and gum disease. If your dentist finds that your mouth is healthy, he or she may refer you to your healthcare provider to check for medical problems that can cause bad breath.


What can I do to prevent monkey breath?


First, try this:


Clean your teeth better. Food trapped between teeth breeds stinky plaque. Brush for 2 minutes with a fluoride toothpaste on a soft-bristled toothbrush at least twice a day and floss once a day. Be sure to use a clean section of floss each time you clean between two teeth.


Brush your tongue, especially the back, to remove odor-causing bacteria.


Drink more water. Monkey breath in the morning is caused by dehydration because your body uses up water at night. If you don’t drink plenty of fluids, your breath can get sour.


Use a fluoride or antibacterial mouth rinse to help prevent tooth decay.


Avoid smoking, coffee, alcohol, onions, and garlic.


When you cannot brush after eating, chew sugarless gum. It stimulates saliva, which neutralizes acid and helps remove plaque, and thus freshens your breath. Gums containing the sweetener

Xylitol can help limit the growth of bacteria.


You can try drinking tea. Lab studies have shown that black or green teas block bacteria in the mouth from making the chemicals that smell bad.


If you wear dentures, remove them at night to clean them thoroughly. When possible, leave them out to soak while you sleep. Soak them in a denture cleaning solution and then brush them thoroughly to remove molds, fungus, and bacteria. Don’t forget to brush all the areas in your mouth that are touched by the dentures.


See your dentist and dental hygienist regularly for checkups and cleanings. They can check for gum disease or other dental problems.


You can use a mouthwash or other breath freshener to temporarily hide bad breath. Nevertheless, if you need to constantly use something to freshen your breath, you should see your dentist to help find the cause.


If better dental care doesn’t make your breath smell better, contact your healthcare provider to evaluate other possible causes of bad breath.


For more information, contact the American Dental Association at (800) 621-8099 or visit their Web site at


Who Gets the Swag?

Readers be forewarned, as the content to follow is a rant, albeit this banana’s rant.  So, Doo Funny Banana (Doo Funny) has decided to leave our particular bunch and I want to know who gets the swag.  More specifically, who gets the Cuisinart blender, microwave oven, coffee pot, air mattress, lap top computer, and the Shark Vac then Steam Mop?  These items are just a portion of the swag that I so generously loaned, gave or bought (not a gift) for Doo Funny and I want them back.  Maybe the problem is in the definition of a gift.  Do not begin to feel sorry for Doo Funny because he has gotten rather nice gifts…4 brand new Dueler Tires for his truck, Ralph Lauren Polo shirts, Burberry Cologne, numerous assortments of kitchen utensils, bathroom décor, and hundreds of dollars spend on dining out.  As you can see, from the impressive list of gifts, it is only right that he return the items that were not gifts.  Doo Funny indomitably disagrees (hence the handle of Doo Funny) with my demands.  Instead, he insists upon labeling me as petty while demanding that I never call or text him again.  This is a mighty fine conundrum! Apparently, while he was enjoying purple label treatment, I was not behaving at all out of the ordinary.  After all, he relished the fine dining and our “throw it in the bag” style of shopping. Sadly, at this point, all I can do is rant and prattle on about this situation. Doo Funny has made up his mind that he, under every circumstance, is going keep everything down to the chopsticks.  I feel bad, in advance, for the poor sap to follow him, as he will get nothing more than a roll of cheap toilet paper to wipe his little (or big) bottom.  I will be the one who changes the Charmin roll for the off-brand, guaranteed to take two layers of skin, sandpaper roll whenever he comes to visit.

Child Abuse and Neglect

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and, Our Banana Moments is supporting efforts to raise awareness by devoting blog topics to child abuse and neglect throughout the month.  The numbers of infants, babies, and children affected by abuse and neglect is staggering.  In 2006, 905,000 children were determined to be victims of abuse or neglect.  Of the 905,000 victims, 1,530 children died due to child abuse or neglect.

What is Child Abuse or Neglect?

Each State has its own definition of child abuse or neglect.  Each State must define their definition based on minimum standards set by Federal Law.

At the very least, child abuse or neglect is defined as any act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation; or, an act or failure to act which presents an imminent risk of serious harm.

Types of Child Abuse or Neglect?


Physical Abuse: is the intentional (non-accidental) physical injury (ranging from minor bruises to severe fractures or death) as a result of punching, beating, kicking, biting, shaking, throwing, stabbing, choking, hitting (with a hand, stick, strap, or other object), burning, or otherwise harming a child, that is inflicted by a parent, caregiver, or other person who has responsibility for the child.

Neglect: is the failure of a parent, guardian, or other caregiver to provide for the basic needs of a child.  A child’s basic needs may be food, shelter, medical, education and or emotional needs.

Sexual Abuse: is the employment, use, persuasion, inducement, enticement, or coercion of any child to engage in, or assist any other person to engage in, any sexually explicit conduct or simulation of such conduct for the purpose of producing a visual depiction of such conduct; or the rape, and in cases of caretaker or inter-familial relationships, statutory rape, molestation, prostitution, or other form of sexual exploitation of children, or incest with children.

Emotional Abuse: is a pattern of behavior that impairs a child’s emotional development or sense of self-worth. This may include constant criticism, threats, rejection, as well as withholding love, support, or guidance.

*If you are concerned that a child is being harmed by abuse or neglect, you can report your concerns to your local child welfare or law enforcement agency. For more information or assistance with reporting, please call Childhelp® at 800.4.A.CHILD (800.422.4453).

Child Welfare Information Gateway. Available online at

Doo Funny and the Funky Futon

Maybe it is I and I apologize for any hurt feelings; however, I would sooner sleep on the floor than accept a used mattress from a dirty home.  Heck, I would not accept a used mattress from anyone.   I am certain that I would have insomnia just trying not to think what stories the mattress beneath me has to tell.   After I finished pondering stories, I would likely begin scratching my skin raw sure that I was being attacked by flees, bed bugs, and lice (head and body variety).   These are just a few of my reasons for declining a free used mattress and then there is Doo Funny.

My iPhone rings, and it is Doo Funny.  His voice was full of delight and excite as he explained that a wealthy coworker offered him a gently used futon bed.  Apparently, his friend’s financial status weighed heavily on the deal.  Unable to hit the brakes and divert the flow of words that would ask him in multiple terms “what, are you crazy? Who does that?”  Of course Doo Funny became silent before I could regain control of my lips.  I had dampened his excitement.  At this point, I apologized and wished Doo Funny luck, after all, a bed from a supposed wealthy friend somehow makes the offer acceptable.

Skip ahead 24 hours and my iPhone rings again.  Doo Funny is on the other end, and this time, there was no delight or excite.  Doo Funny goes on to state, “I have never seen such a filthy home.” “Garbage was all over the floor and the futon mattress is so dirty.”  I guess the wealthy can be trifling too!  Poor Doo Funny, I felt sorry for him for a brief second before I shouted, “I told you!”  Doo Funny replies, “I am disappointed in my coworker.”  “I will keep the bed but I am going to dump the mattress.”

The moral of this story is that it is unsanitary to accept used bedding from strangers (wealthy or poor).  Doo Funny, I am sure, is a closet junk collector who is not aware!

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Bowl of Cheerios

Bananas like to mingle with other bananas.  Bananas are not social butterflies; however, they are not averse to making new friends.  Every new banana has something to share, something to be learned.  Each new banana in the bunch leaves his or her mark long after they have wound up in a bowl of cheerios.  Some bananas leave a lasting impression that remains for years on end.  If bananas have soul mates, this would be the one whose shadow remains until the end.  Some bananas wait their entire short lives without meeting such a banana and those who have, know that it is a once in a lifetime experience.  The next time you see a banana, befriend that banana and learn from that banana because it just a matter of one good night’s sleep and a wake up before the call to the great honey-nut bowl of cheerios in the sky.

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Day in the Life of a Banana!

  • ex·cit·ed



1. stirred emotionally; agitated: An excited crowd awaited the arrival of the famed rock group.

  • an·tic·i·pa·tion



1. the act of anticipating or the state of being anticipated.

  • ex·pec·ta·tion



1. the act or state of looking forward or anticipating.


  • dis·ap·point·ment



1. the act or fact of disappointing: All of his efforts only led to the disappointment of his supporters.


Banana vs Cockroaches

Life, or something vaguely resembling bananas, is not always funny and, this time I am not laughing.  I have been diagnosed with katsaridaphobia.  Katsaridaphobia is the fear of cockroaches.  I take comfort that cockroach phobia is common, ranking as high as fear of the dark.  Of course, this small measure of comfort lends no solace to driving my car.  As life would have it, a family of cockroaches has decided to take up residency in my car.  I discovered my car-pooling friends late one night when I entered my car.  Much to my fright, there was one sitting on the dash ready to ride.  Given my phobia, my next course of action was to evacuate myself to safety and put Mr. Doo Funny on the case of the offending car poolers.  As hoped, Doo Funny rushed in and removed the offending be roadie. However, everyone knows cockroaches are not lone wolfs, where there is one, there is bound to be a million or so more.  I present Doo Funny with this fact only to be laughed at and told that I am millions times larger compared to my car-pooling friends (I paused to examine his comment because it smacked of a stab to call me fat).  To make a fruit salad moment even fruitier, he pontificated, “they have always lived in your car, and you have never seen them because you do not drive late at night.”  He finished his off-centered advice with, “you have to over come your fear because cockroaches are prevalent here, in Hawaii, and they are in everyone’s car!”  Hmmm, I am speechless and about to WALK to the store and by a few bugs bombs and commence to wage war to reclaim what is rightfully mine, my car!