Fall Down & Go Boom – Three C’s of Minor Wound Care

Minor cuts, scraped knees, and small puncture wounds are hard to avoid.  Most of these minor injuries can be treated at home.  Follow the three C’s of minor wound care to speed healing and avoid infection.


The 3 C’s of caring for minor cuts, scrapes, and puncture wounds:


1.     Control Bleeding

a.Apply direct pressure to a cut or scrape to stop the bleeding.

b.Allow a minor puncture wound to stop bleeding on its own, unless the bleeding is heavy as this may help cleanse the wound.


2.     Clean the Wound

a.Kill germs and remove the dirt by washing the wound with warm water and soap.

b.Soak a minor puncture wound in warm, sudsy water for several minutes.  Repeat this at least twice per day every day.


3.     Cover the injury

a.Hold the edges of a cut together with a butterfly bandage

b.Apply antibiotic ointment

c.For a cut or scrape, apply an adhesive bandage or clean gauze and tape it in place.

d.Cover a minor puncture wound with gauze to absorb drainage and let in air to help with healing.



*If you are experiencing heavy bleeding or your wound is not healed within a couple of weeks, see your health care provider.

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